Adulterated Love

What is love? 

I know this question exists in each human being’s mind including myself. If not, it’s still waiting to be discovered deeply in your heart.

I believe love is a priceless diamond, because a diamond has thousand of reflections and each reflection represents the meaning of love.


Somewhere this generation has lost the true meaning of love, though it has been adulterated.

Love is adulterated, mixed with fake promises, ego, and all we know about how feelings are made in a toy factory, to play with.

People are made to be loved and things are made to be used.The confusion in this world is that people are used and things are loved.

People don’t like love, they like that flittery flirty feeling.
They don’t love love,
Love is sacrificial, love is ferocious, it’s not emotive.

Somewhere, our culture doesn’t love love, it loves the idea of love. It wants the emotion without paying anything for it.

How much longer do we continue to play these games of love and destruction.How much longer do we accept broken promises followed by even more broken apologies. This soul is worn and can’t project how much longer it can stand with the nonsense of people.

There are people, who love truely and sees the pain in your eyes, they stay strong during the hard times even when they have every reason to break down, they keep loving even if you hurt them too extreme, because love for them isn’t the playground of hell or a temporary feeling that will last longer until it’s get benefited.

Love for them is not just a word, their love doesn’t start in April and ends in may. They give their heart,they sacrifice, they love unconditionally. 

But some of these people are broken and have been destroyed,Some of them blame to love and some of blame their life.

They don’t understand, they’re broken because of lies, filtered promises. If their love for you depends on what you offer them, it’s not love, 

It’s a abuse.

You deserve to be loved for who you’re.

Maybe you will live with the regret of allowing yourself to allow someone to put you so down and use you. 

But they will one day live with a regret of putting someone down and using them.

Maybe, you’ll live with the pain of their words. And maybe you’ll live with the pain of seeing them move on and living with someone else. Where they again make a promise of forever after love.

They will one day live with the regret of using the wrong words with you and they’ll move on to hurt the next person.

The places they will go are nothing because they’re empty of emotion.

Their places may be grand but their lives are small, so small.

But, you’re bigger than their words, you’re bigger than worrying about where they’re.

And I know, it isn’t possible to love and part, you’ll wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right,

Love is eternal.

The Vitamin ‘M’

You must’ve heard about the essentials vitamins for our growth, but unfortunately never thought of this vitamin.
Yes, Vitamin M.
T h e  V i t a m i n  M o n e y.

It’s undeniable that money plays a very important role in the life of every human being.
At first, money was invented for easy trade, exchange and barter but as people amassed increasing wealth, these riches turned them from angels into devils who would do anything to obtain more.

The vitamin M isn’t everything, but there are very few individuals who put this into practice. People claim they’ll be happy when they have money, but those who do have it still aren’t happy.

Some says, money can buy happiness.
Money can buy only temporary happiness not permanent, no one wants their happiness to be temporary,
Love can’t be temporary, it’s meant to be forever than why should we choose to grant our happiness in our pockets.
The pockets will get empty someday.

But, serving others will give you a happiness that will last forever.
Society tells me to care only for my own needs.
How can I live in beautiful mansion, eat gourmet food, and wear extravagant clothing, while others are homeless, starving and naked?

In our society we’ve lost the beauty of sharing and caring for those who are unable to sustain themselves.

Don’t give too much power to money, money has it’s role to play.
Money can’t buy you a family, respect, knowledge, passion, time, true love and your inner peace.
You can buy a home, but not the people to live in, not the family.
Relationships are beyond money, made up with care and affection and it’s really not too hard to understand.

It’s not just money that makes things work, people have power in their determination. Many of the big demonstrations that have happened in the world, big chances that have come through in the world, they didn’t happen through money.

You aren’t born because of Vitamin “M”.

The Good souls are surviving.


Why do bad things happen to good people?
We ask that questions so often, it’s become a cliche.
But that’s because bad things do happen to good people constantly.
This generation has people driven by ego, money and status.
All they understand is more benefits and less value of loyalty.
We all go through this situations, where people seems no more real and it’s unbelievable how fast they change.
As a result, the good souls are ruined daily.

There are some sensitive people who’re still holding the cup of love and a bottle of humanity, surviving in this cruel world.

But there’s one thing that most people don’t know about fragile and sensitive people.
They stay away from harming others because they know exactly how it feels.
They’re overly nice to others because they are afraid of being a cause of discomfort,
They smile their pain away by making your day better,
They go out of their way to make sure that everyone else is getting what they deserve, even if it’s at the cost of their comfort.

This doesn’t mean that they are weak, at all. When treated unjustly, although their silence may show you their weakness,
But believe me, it’s not weakness.
It’s just another brick put on the wall needed for them to be strong enough and confident enough to believe that injustice is bound to happen to those who go out of their way to be just.

But than, these good souls are ruined daily.

The Feminine ferment


There are two powers in the world, one is the sword and the other is the pen.
There’s a great competition and rivalry between the two.
But, there’s a third power stronger than both, that of the woman.

You see,
Woman are like fires, like flames.
Some woman are like candles, bright and friendly,
Some are like single sparks, or embers, like fireflies for chasing on summer nights.
Some are like campfires, all light and heat for a night and willing to be left after.
Some women are like hearth fires.

They’re free in their wildness, they’re wanderess, a drop of free water.
Woman knows nothing of borders and care nothing for a rules or customs.
Time for them isn’t something to fight against, their life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.
We know that when woman are empowered they immeasurably improve the lives of those around them, their families their communities and their countries.

There’s nothing more rare nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection.
That’s the true essence of beauty.

Though, anybody who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without the Feminine ferment.

You know, woman’s are more likely a god.
Look at your mother.

A scripted destiny


We all remember the bed time stories of our childhood,
Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after.

The person who invented the phrase, “Happily ever after” I just want to know how he lived and how he stayed too long with a happiness laughter.

The stuff of dreams that we saw,
We aren’t aware childhood was too raw.

Life seems like everything is planned everything is written already like a scripted tape,

Where we’ve bad dreams but can’t escape.

How isolate is this moment,
We’ve become slaves to the past,
Trading our futures for painful memories that we know we can’t let go to live the last.

What I’ve lost, where do I get it back so that every mistakes gets pardoned and I can get the angry moments cojoled back to heal the wounds that are gardened.

Eyes were open, I was watching everything happen.
But still I didn’t stop.

It was life , a scripted destiny that gives situations like a gifted pain shop.

We’re the broken youth, poisoned by the lives that went before us.
But why did the story not become complete,
The climax be must.

We all remember the stories, the shoes fits Cinderella, the frog turns into a prince.
Sleeping beauty is awakened with a sweet kiss.

But what about our lives that have been turned bad.
A scripted destiny, written so sad.

Why you always misunderstand me?

Why you always misunderstand me?
As never you were.

Worrying about the storms, like never I’m there.

I promise you these storms are only trying to wash you clean.
There are things, which can be mean.

Though making bad time, making me cry dear,
You remember I was always you to bear.

But my baby nothing can may be
I’ve always took stand, my head always bands.

Because I’m the boy, playing emotions toy.

You remember? When we meet,
Sometimes a happiness somehow we did.

A little no to you,
I always bow to you.

Because you’re the wine, sweet drink of mine.

But why you always misunderstand me?
As never you were.

Be one pair.

The Coward’s noise


The thought of being eternally alone is too hard to bear.
The feeling of chaos and pain both together cheers.

They ask me why I prefer to be alone, as if it’s a choice.
What would I say?
I don’t like the Coward’s noise.

It was so easy for you to run away, than to stand on your ground.
You went away from me without making any sound.

Is this we call love, is this we tried to build,
You took my all powers not leaving at least to rebuilt.

But forget me not, not even my voice.
Like I can’t forget the Coward’s noise.

You were never there to carry me, when life shattered my knees.
You called me honey and flied like a bee.
So don’t expect to fly with me after all the years it’s taken, after this life was unknowingly shaken.

For me to grow wings, and don’t forget the sad songs I always sing.

And I’ll remember you, I’ll remember all those time, sweet, bitter, soar like a lime.
And even if I forget all those time,
The Coward’s noise will take a climb.

From my heart to head.
The Coward’s noise has always said.

– Aarav gupta.